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Meet the heroes

Want to know more about the Superdogs found in the Fabulous Mr Frank series?

You've come to the right place! 


The Fabulous Mr Frank

Pesky, fun loving & troublesome

"Hello - I'm Frankie, the star in these stories - and yes, I am Fabulous! 

I love nothing more than trotting around causing chaos wherever I go! I love the attention to be honest.  


I often need a little help getting out of the scrapes I've caused. That's when I pick up my 'bone phone' and call my Super dog crew, they always come to my rescue!"

Super Sausage Sid

Smart and fearless 

"Howdy, I'm Super Sausage Sid - it may look like I wouldn't be able to get about much with these little tiny legs and big long body but don't be fooled!


I've helped Mr Frank out of countless troublesome situations he's got himself in!


I like to think I'm the brains of the crew and I'm the real hero of these stories... I don't know why they were named after Frank!"   


Betsie the Bichon

Friendly, fun and adventurous

"Hi there, I'm Betsie the Bichon. I'm Frank's next door neighbour and partner in mischief.

I absolutely love an adventure and will always be thinking of fun games to play with my best friends. 

You will always see me with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye."

Chihuahua called Kid

Sensible, calm and quiet. 

"Hello, I'm Kid. I'll keep it short and sweet as I don't really like talking about myself. 

I am not really sure how I found myself in this crew as I'm not really one for mayhem, but, well, here I am.


My sensible nature means I probably bring a bit of much needed calm and quiet!" 

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