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How it all began...

Hi there, I'm Kate Ainsworth - the author and illustrator of children’s picture book series The Fabulous Mr Frank.

I started on this exciting journey back in 2020, when I decided to finally put pen (and colour) to paper, with an idea that had been bubbling away for a while - a series based on my very own French Bulldog Frankie. 

Through this I have discovered a new passion for creating fun and playful stories & illustrations that capture children’s attention and expand their imagination.

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My creative process

I often start with a small seed of an idea, it can be the title, a visual image in my head 

(like Frankie doing something silly)

or the bare bones of a story idea. 


Then from that seed, the rest soon grows!
I always spend time crafting the rhyming story before getting started on lovingly hand-drawing each and every illustration.

My illustration style 

I'd describe my hand drawn illustrations as imperfectly perfect! They are typically colourful and bright, drawn using oil pastel,
watercolour pencil and ink. 

I absolutely love drawing the illustrations
for these stories and pour that
love into each and every page!  

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My creative inspiration

My inspiration comes from so many sources!
But I would say my four core inspirations are:
my faith; my children; my location
and of course Frankie himself!

My two young children feature in my
Fabulous Mr Frank stories
and you'll notice lots of nods to my location
in my books! I was born on the
south coast of England and I live in a small coastal village in the New Forest with my husband, two young children & Frank.

I love nothing more than being outside with my family trekking through the New Forest or braving a swim in the bracing British sea! 

My creative experience

I have spent my entire career to date in a multitude of different creative roles within Marketing and Communications.


Through this experience I have developed a keen eye for detail and design, all skills I've applied when developing my stories.


Book me for an event

I love nothing more than to share my stories with others whether that be at a reading, book signing or literary event.

Email me at: if you'd like to contact me about coming along to your event or you'd like to book me for a signing or reading.   

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