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About my books

Fabulous Mr Frank is a series of children's picture books aimed at early years age children. Each book has a fun and playful rhyming story, accompanied by hand drawn illustrations. 

The stories are centred around the Fabulous Mr Frank and his Super dog crew. 

Mr Frank, without meaning to, tends to get into a bit of a pickle. He'll call his crew on the 'bone phone' and they will always come to his rescue, although somehow, he always seems to claim all the glory (he's a bit of a diva).

My books are published by Curious Cat Books  and below are the books so far in this series.


I have many more ideas up my sleeves for this band of adventurous hounds so watch this space! 

I regularly update my website so please come back again to find out more about my latest releases. 

My latest books

Fabulous Mr Frank series

Book Image_edited.png

Book 1 - The Cupcake Catastrophe

When playful pup Frank accidentally ruins Poppy and Harvey's birthday plans, by knocking their cupcake tower to the floor, he knows he needs to make things right. 


The Fabulous Mr Frank picks up his bone phone and calls on his super dog crew to come to the rescue. While Poppy and Harvey are out, the dogs set to work in the kitchen to save the day.   

Book in Frame - Bubbles.png

Book  2 - The Trouble with Bubbles

Frank and his best buddy Betsie are busy playing their favourite game of catch the bubbles,  but something goes horribly wrong. Betsie gets

trapped inside an enormous bubble and starts floating away. 

The Fabulous Mr Frank must use his bone phone to call the rest of the super dog crew to help save Betsie from a disaster!   

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